Is this a blog or what?

I have more than 100 entries on Google Docs and hundreds of text files, self-emails, and pieces of scrap paper floating around my life, many of which contain ideas, thoughts, or potential projects that I’d like others to see. So I’m trying hard to get some in good enough shape that I can post them here.

Several people have sent me emails about other parts of my site, which I should migrate to here so they can post such things publicly, and I can respond here as well and everyone can bounce ideas off each other.

WordPress puts everything in chronological order like a stupid blog, which is not what I had in mind for this site. I’d rather organize the “articles” by hierarchical tags/categories and update them over time, reply to visitors’ comments, and so on. I installed the Audit Trail plugin for WordPress so my changes to posts are internally archived to prevent loss of information, and I’m installing other plugins to try to get the desired effect. I guess I should just install a wiki or something.

But until then, I really should post things that I can direct people to. Somewhere, anywhere.