Audio analysis in Python

Some signal-analysis-related Python scripts: Several different methods of estimating the frequency of a waveform Peak detection for spectra Measure total harmonic distortion plus noise of a sine wave (THD+N) Apply an A-weighting filter to audio files I’m sort of intending to combine them all into one eventually.

Android audio applications

Signal generator 1.0.2 Outputs sine, pink noise, and white noise Volume and frequency sliders Controls are hard to grab at the edges Volume control is independent from the phone’s volume control Doesn’t go below 100 Hz Sine waves are distorted and badly aliased at high frequencies.  THD+N measurements: 100 Hz 0.149% 1 kHz: 0.08% 10 […]

A simple FastICA example

Wikipedia describes independent component analysis as “a computational method for separating a multivariate signal into additive subcomponents supposing the mutual statistical independence of the non-Gaussian source signals”. (Clearly, this was written as part of their campaign to make technical articles accessible.) In normal people words, ICA is a form of blind source separation — a […]