The desktop metaphor is stupid

My girlfriend is showing me images on her computer (she uses an Apple because it’s “simple”). After we view all of the files, which are scattered across her computer’s desktop in a random pattern, I watch as she grabs one with the mouse and drags it onto the corner of the desktop. She then drags […]

Joining window borders

When windows are tiled, each window continues to have the usual resizable borders; if you shrink one, the other stays untouched. But if edges and corners of windows can be snapped to each other, why can’t two such snapped edges be moved at once? The border that is shared between two windows should behave more […]

Don’t trust Google calculator

The term “kilobyte” means 1,024 bytes. Right? Usually. Most people reading this are experienced with computers and know that, in many computing contexts, kilobyte means 1,024 bytes. Descriptions of file sizes, memory, and so on. However, in some situations (and in the minds of most non-technical people; I’ve asked), kilobyte means 1,000 bytes. More importantly, […]